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Our Mission

To provide a quality education within a safe environment that fosters nurturing, lifelong learning, motivation, and academic success for every student.


Where Every Child Learns to Learn

Each child learns differently and once we get to know your child, we can structure the best plan.  Through the Direct Instruction method developed by the widely acclaimed curriculum developer Zig Engleman, we will tailor a program to meet the needs of the student, thus insuring better success.


“I heard an advertisement over the radio one day, which at the time my child was four years old, and they said that they were accepting four year olds. I later searched and got the number and the address where they were located and decided to get my daughter tested so she can start school early. I also called Columbus Public Schools to see if that was a good choice for children to start school at an early age like that and the lady over the phone told me “yes” because she might struggle in the long run. At this present time now she’s currently in the second grade and is on A&B honor roll. I do think all children have their struggles but I will say at Berwyn East Academy I do appreciate all the teachers, leaders, the principle and can’t forget about Mrs. Price for all the help you ladies accomplished over the years. Thank you and keep up the great work.”
Elizabeth Grimes

Elizabeth Grimes

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning, what sums up Mr. Moore’s teaching style. The class is full of music and laughter as the children learn to read, write, do math and more! Berwyn offers an impressive curriculum as my child is reading full books. Ms. Moore (K teacher) challenges each student and provides living direction and support. I’ve witnessed Ms. Moore’s ability to teach children at different stages using the same lesson yet arriving in various ways to ensure that all children are learning! Highly recommended!”
Ebony Cooksey

Ebony Cooksey

“When I transferred my daughter to Berwyn, I was nervous. I did not want her in Columbus public but had not received good results from prior private charter schools. I expressed my educational concerns with the staff and instead of pretending to listen they followed through with their word and gave my child the extra help I was looking for. My child’s reading skills have improved tremendously! She is excited about going to school now. I love that I am able to communicate with her phenomenal teacher (Ms. Hope) and I no longer worry if she is getting the proper education. Because of the hard work she passed the Ohio 3rd grade proficiency test. Go Bears! Thank you Berwyn.”
Sarah Deconx

Sarah Deconx


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